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Bike Sales

If you ride one of the latest superbikes on the road you probably don't want to risk taking it to the track. But that shouldn't stop you having maximum enjoyment from a top quality late model motorcycle on a track day.

A lot of people are now getting themselves a dedicated track day motorcycle and it makes a lot of sense. However when you ride a bike as good as the latest models why settle for a 10 year old worn out race bike as your track day machine?

At Black & White Bikes we believe that you should ride a bike on track that is just as good (if not better) than your road bike.

That is why we ONLY deal in late model low mileage bikes adapted for the track (some will actually be road legal with a daytime MOT)

We carefully select donor bikes to turn into track day machines with maybe some minor cosmetic damage that make them cheaper than they would normally be. They get fully serviced and treated to a few upgrades but other than that they are just well prepared bikes ready for you to take to the track.

So we build track day bikes and damn good ones at that! If what you want as your next track day bike is in our current sales list then you are just a phone call away from owning a great bike for your next track day.

Bike Sales